Pond Burning Fire Pit


Transform your outdoor space into an extraordinary entertainment and relaxing space with attractive Pond Stainless Steel Charcoal/Wood Burning Fire Pit, offered by Sol 72 Outdoor. This fire pit is modern, perfect for contemporary garden and outdoor living life. This wood-burning fire pit not only adds warmth to your outdoor space but also a touch of unique style to your cosy evenings outdoors.

Crafted from stainless steel, this robust construction ensures sturdiness and outdoor durability. With round shape, brown finish and modern style, this fire pit will effortlessly complement any patio or backyard decor scheme. It has a unique look that most fire bowls do not have. Supported by the sturdy steel legs, this fire bowl is ready to last for years to come. Its beautifully designed, sculpted legs offer an attractive, natural look. This wood-burning fire pit adds both warmth and personality to your outdoor space. It features portable design that allows you to carry it any outdoor space conveniently for enjoying gatherings, parties, etc.

This product is perfect for a reliable year round outdoor use and it can be placed on a wooden deck with heat resistant barrier. It is available in brown and silver finish options and 2 sizes to choose from.



Available in 2 sizes: 36cm H x 63cm W x 63cm D and 40cm H x 79cm W x 79cm D.
It comes with manufacturer’s warranty and it is made in Lithuania. No assembly is required for this fire pit as it comes ready to use and fully assembled, so create more life-long memories by enjoying this fire pit. This outdoor unit will last you longer if you will wipe clean it with a damp cloth.