Mithras Fire Pit


Whether you are planning to have backyard barbecues or a cosy evening with friends and family, Mithras Fire Pit from Blumfeldt is an ideal option for you. This stylish fire pit will enhance the enjoyment of your outdoor living area with your loved-ones by providing warmth, light, and relaxation for all. You can ignite a flame with charcoal or wood logs and enjoy this fire pit as its raised grill promotes airflow and a stable flame, perfect for warming your guests or roasting hot dogs and more.

Built to last and can withstand the harsh weather, this fire pit has solid cast iron and steel construction with a heat-resistant coating that make it easy to clean and perfect for a year-round use. It includes long cooking grate, spark screen and fire poker. The deep-pit design of this outdoor fire pit allows you and your guests to enjoy fireside heat for endless hours.

It comes with a grill grate for cooking, barbecues, etc. Its protective spark screen prevents sparks, embers, and debris from flying out, while a convenient wood poker lets you safely move wood or charcoal. Its space-saving design, black finish, round shape and compact size is perfect for creating a pleasant outdoor space for gatherings, barbecues, parties, etc. It is portable and you can carry it easily.



Its overall size is 50cm H x 75cm W x 75cm D. It ships fully assembled and ready to use. It is recommended that store this fire pit indoors with a cover during winter and bleak months and never use it when windy or during intense dry heat. Regularly clean it if you want to use it for many years to come.