How To Choose The Right Garden Furniture

Buying new outdoor furniture is exciting but it is important to choose the right garden furniture that suits your specific style, budget and your outdoor space. Don’t think to buy a furniture set that looks good or is available on 50% off in the end of the season sale. Likewise, don’t just go for the latest styles without checking the quality. Instead, before you rush out to shop, take the time to figure out the best options for your garden online. A thoughtful planning will help you choose the best options and will ensure you that your outdoor living space will remain stylish, functional and inviting for years to come. Check out the following tips that you should consider when choosing the best furniture for your outdoor space.

1 – Measure Your Outdoor Space:
The type of furniture you can get depends on the amount of free outdoor space you have available. First of all, measure your available outdoor space. Consider how much space you have and how it is shaped as the type of furniture you will buy totally depends on the free outdoor space you have available. Determine the area, size and shape of your outdoor space before equipping it with new furniture set. For small spaces, the furniture pieces should be smaller, foldable and lightweight like bar table, stools, etc. For big gardens, consider stylish rattan dining or lounge sets.

2 – Consider What Furniture Pieces Best Fits Your Space:
It is also important to consider what furniture pieces you should buy that fulfil your family needs and fit your outdoor space. Which furniture pieces you purchase is based on how you use your outdoor space. If you want to enjoy more time with family and friends outdoor, buy corner sofa sets with cushions or dining sets, etc. If you desire to relax alone, buy a lounger or a day bed.

3 – Think About Storage Space:
All outdoor furniture pieces are designed to withstand with the severe weather conditions of UK, but they are not as durable and long-lasting as claimed by manufacturers or retailers. It is important to store your outdoor furniture somewhere in harsh weather if you want your outdoor furniture to be in good condition for years to come. Think about the storage space for your outdoor furniture before buying. If you don’t have enough storage space, simply buy smaller pieces that can easily accommodate indoors.

4 – Don’t Compromise On Quality:
When choosing your new garden furniture, don’t compromise on quality. If you will go for the cheaper options like plastic chairs or low quality metal side tables, etc, these furniture pieces will become brittle and faded with the passage of time. This is also true for some wooden and wicker garden furniture pieces. So, it is important to invest in quality by shopping with great care. Before shopping, check out the customers reports and reviews about that furniture pieces online and then make your final decision.

5 – Consider The Weather:
It is important to buy outdoor furniture that can easily withstand the harsh weather conditions of UK. The British weather is a factor that you can’t ignore when choosing your outdoor furniture. Frequent sun exposure and rain can warp wood, corrode/oxidize metal, make fabrics mouldy, faded the colours, split timber, etc. Consider the outdoor furniture pieces that are relatively weatherproof and can bear the weather of UK.

6 – Determine Where Your Furniture Will Be Placed:
Before going for any option, consider where you will place your furniture. Take time to think about the exposed area, covering, grassy or hard surfaces, etc, of your outdoor space as this can helps you choose the right materials and furniture pieces that fit well into your environment and surroundings.

7 – What Is Your Personal Style:
When choosing your garden furniture, there are several vital functional factors that you should consider, but it’s also important to remember what look do you want for your outdoor space like modern, sleek, bright, traditional, etc. It is wise to create a functional and aesthetically appealing outdoor space that reflects your unique sense of taste and style. Whatever the architectural style of your home, choose your new outdoor furniture that speaks out your style and personality.

8 – Consider Only The Best Materials:
When shopping for outdoor furniture, it is important to choose only the best material. Outdoor furniture is available in different materials such as:
– Wooden furniture is sturdy, appealing and long-lasting. However, the sun and rain can make wood fade and split/warp. With regular maintenance, you can keep wooden furniture in a good condition and weather-proof. The wooden furniture made from dense, moisture-resistant hardwoods, such as teak will last you longer.

– Plastic furniture is lightweight, easy to clean and affordable. It won’t rust, need painting or rot in the wet. However, with the passage of time, plastic furniture will degrade. Plastic furniture with plastic polymer has UV-stabilizing pigments that ensure the bright colours won’t fade too quickly.

– Rattan furniture is trendy, elegant and add sophisticated look to your outdoor garden. The rattan furniture will last you longer as the all-weather wickers are woven around light, rust-proof Aluminium frames that make it durable and sturdy.

– Metal furniture is always considered as a best choice for outdoors. It is lightweight, long-lasting and it doesn’t rust. Aluminium frames suits well in contemporary as well as traditional décor styles. Buy metal furniture with a UV-resistant powder-coated finish as that can prevent oxidation on the surface.

9 – Pay Attention to Comfort
Shop the outdoor furniture that will not only bring style but also a high comfort level to your outdoor space. You will be using your outdoor furniture to relax, enjoy and unwind, so, it is necessary to shop comfortable furniture options. Make sure that the seats of chairs or sofas are comfortable, good in height and roomy enough. It is good to shop the best quality, high-tech fabrics suitable for outdoors that are resistant to stain, moisture, UV rays and mildew. You can also add extra comfort by considering soft and padded cushions and pillows for your outdoor furniture sets if your chairs don’t come with cushions. Make sure to try out your furniture before you buy it.

10 – Determine Whether Furniture Requires Assembly Or Not:
It is important to know that do the items come completely assembled or they will require assembly at home. If your furniture is ready-to- use, then there is no need to worry about. But, if it needs assembly, make sure that it will come with easy to follow instructions, videos and necessary tools to help you accomplish your assembly task easily.

11 – Consider Your Budget:
In the end, it is your budget that determines what you can buy or what options are affordable for you. In a low budget, you can get very attractive furniture that is made of less expensive materials like Aluminium or resin. If you can afford, get the best quality for your money. Some retailers also offer you refurbished and cleaned outdoor furniture options that look really better than new and might even be better in quality.

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