Willington Reclining Sun Lounger


If you want to purchase a long-lasting sun lounger in modern style for your patio, balcony or garden, look no further than Sol 72 Outdoor’s Willington Reclining Sun Lounger. This elegantly designed chaise lounge is the ideal fit for enjoying sunbathing, lounging, or just taking a nap in your outdoor space.

Crafted from high-quality solid wood, this beautiful and attractive garden lounger can be placed in various settings. This weather resistant outdoor furniture piece is built to last and provides you years of enjoyment outdoors. Its simple slatted form and natural colouring makes it a graceful, functional and organic addition to any garden. This lounger has a reclining back that allows you to lie flat when you want to relax, or set the back straight when you desire to read your favourite book comfortably.

It also features wheels for easy transportation and a hidden extendable shelf where you can put away your cup of coffee, drink and books. This sunbed not only provides comfy seating and lying place but also adds a rustic charm to your outdoor living space.



It’s overall size is 36cm H x 70cm W x 200cm L. Its weight capacity is 110 Kg and it is made in Vietnam. You can enjoy this sun lounger as soon as it will be delivered to your home as it comes fully assembled and ready to use.